Knowledge and information about crime/organized crime are the first lines of defense for young people. A Sport-based program can become an important tool in fighting the contagion, by empowering youth and providing them with knowledge, information, negotiation skills, and respect for others, understanding and not becoming victims of crime
Bangalore Schools Sports Foundation (BSSF) in association with Prison Ministry India (PMI) has initiated a value-based sports and development program for the juvenile in prison

INVISIBLE TALENT a customized Sports program conceptualized youth in prisons to unleash the hidden talents, recognizing the reality to foster youth development, building self-esteem, confidence and healthy behavior, A holistic approach to educate and balance various aspects, with sports and healthy lifestyle being one of them.

Incarcerated children and youth are given a chance to be nurtured through sports as a medium for change; these youth live under terrible circumstances. after release, they often end up in the same life without perspective as before.

Reintegration projects focusing on Sports and a Healthy Lifestyle will provide the juveniles with self-confidence and a new perspective. We believe this integrated approach will pay heed to the character assassinated and often forgotten group of children and youth in our society. The foundation aims to involve the juveniles in a variety of sporting activities, which are suited to their needs, their abilities and their potential. apart from education and training, they will be provided with value-based enrichment activities and programs such as rewards and appreciation to ensure that good behavior is promoted, recognized, and rewarded. This is designed specifically for juveniles and aims to provide realistic and motivating incentives.
Project Invisible talent will be a gateway to openly advocate & address issues, concerns, and facts that make individuals vulnerable to crime due to the constant change in society, Organized value-based programs through sports will alter the thought process of young minds, positively impacting their lives, character, overall personality grooming them to be better and responsible citizens
We believe a well-designed sports-based program focused on a healthy lifestyle, integrated with community-level interventions such as involving parents, teachers and peers can positively affect the lives of children and youth, however, Participation in sports activities alone will not necessarily deliver the above outlined.
Reaching out without purpose and objective can impact negatively on Healthy development of children which is the center of the experience, these experiences undermine young people’s self-esteem, impacting negative relationships, poor sportsmanship fostering poor body image, unhealthy eating behavior, aggression, violence, racism, perpetuate gender discrimination, psychological imbalance sexual abuse or commercial exploitation. With challenges and Limitations of sport to child and youth development, the selection and grooming of coaches and teachers is, therefore, a prime factor, ensuring reach out projects and programs are systematically strategized keeping in view the environment, social, political, and economic viability and offer a positive development experience for juveniles in prison

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